NEW ICON: Arsenal’s unique goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale trains in the next generation adidas Predator

This week, Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale showed off a whiteout adidas Predator Prototype, which features the reintroduction of that classic fold-over tongue… proving that he’s not one to shy away from the spotlight when it’s pointed at him.

ramsdale 5-min.jpg

Some have argued that the famous tongue, an integral aspect of the silo from its inception until its rapid return after a brief hiatus, should be a feature of the new Predator. Thanks to Aaron Ramsdale, we have our first look at the next-gen Predator, which is expected to drop towards the end of this year. It appears that adidas is listening to fans’ requests and will include the elongated version of the tongue, which was last seen on the 2007 Powerswerve and likely other Predators.


Aaron Ramsdale Trains In Next-Gen adidas Predator - SoccerBible

During a recent training session, Ramsdale wore a whiteout version of the boot, and the return of the tongue was immediately noticeable. The boots are obviously from a more recent generation, yet they look more like a classic Predator from 2000–2007 due to the tongue and the return of rubber pads instead of spikes. The branding and soleplate make this very clear.

ramsdale 1-min.jpg

ramsdale 7-min.jpg

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ramsdale 4-min.jpg

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Tongues aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s very understandable; in today’s boot designs, they’re largely unnecessary. And it seems like Ramsdale is one of many who appeal to this demographic; he was seen with a pair of the new Predator sneakers—this time in a whiteout style—and a pair of the laceless variants. A collar-wrapping accent of silver tone serves as a substitute for the tongue.

As is their wont, Adidas usually releases new iterations of their iconic silo shoe line in the winter and early spring. Here we take a peek at the next boot, which has us checking our bank accounts already…

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